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How we use Postgres LTrees to surface API logs

Postgres ships with the Label Tree data type. How Knock uses LTrees for fast API log search.

Brent Anderson
Brent Anderson23 February 2022, 7 min read

How we work: moving fast to ship customer value

A peek behind the curtain at Knock. How we work to optimize for shipping customer value, quickly.

Chris Bell
Chris Bell25 October 2021, 10 min read

Using the Knock notification component to add an in-app feed to your product

A look into how to set up and use Knock's in-app feed component.

Chris Bell
Chris Bell15 September 2021, 8 min read

Using Knock to power Knock's notifications

Getting meta and showing the power of Knock to build our member invite feature.

Chris Bell
Chris Bell02 June 2021, 5 min read

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