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Notifications infrastructure
for developers

Knock is flexible, reliable notifications infrastructure that's built to scale with you. Use our APIs to engage your users, power cross-channel workflows, and manage notification preferences.

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Send notifications your customers care about

Knock's notifications-as-a-service and APIs help teams deliver great notification experiences to their customers, driving customer satisfaction and retention.

Complex delivery rules without the complex code

Reach your customer where they are using our advanced rules engine. Empower your team to add new notifications without the need for engineers.

Effortlessly deliver to

Email • Push • In-app notification feeds

Never code another email template

Use our notification designer to create great looking notifications, totally customizable for your brand. We integrate with the services you trust to deliver your notifications today – no need to switch providers.

Integrates with

Twilio Sendgrid, Postmark, Mailgun

Ready-to-use components to get you started

Use our pre-built React components to get an instant in-app activity feed or a complete notification preferences panel.

Built for React & React Native

Everything you'll ever need

A complete toolkit to power your notifications so you can focus on building the best product for your users.


Test changes in a development instance before promoting them to production.

Digests and summaries

Send recurring emails that summarize missed notifications.


Easily see all of the notifications sent to a customer in a single view for easy debugging.


Outsource your preference management and build granular preference experiences for your customers.


Group multiple notifications within a defined window of time to reduce the noise for your customers.


Send test notifications across any channel, without needing to perform complex product interactions.

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Invite-only beta

We’re bringing on additional customers every day. Sign up for our waitlist if you're interested in participating.