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Comparing marketing automation platforms and notification infrastructure

A guide on when to use marketing automation platforms for your transactional messaging and when its worth using a dedicated system for transactional notifications.

Sam Seely
Sam Seely15 February 2023

The product manager's guide to designing Slack notifications

A guide to understanding Slack's block kit UI framework and a few learnings for how to use it to build great Slack notifications.

Sam Seely
Sam Seely01 December 2022

The notifications you need to be enterprise-ready

The role that notifications play in enterprise-ready workflows. Learn about building powerful notification flows for enterprise customers.

Sam Seely
Sam Seely17 November 2022

How we designed our user onboarding flow at Knock

In this post we cover how we designed our onboarding experience and share helpful tips for building a strong onboarding flow for self-service products.

Sam Seely
Sam Seely09 November 2022

The five stages of the notification lifecycle

How leading product teams build and maintain notifications that delight users and drive outcomes.

Sam Seely
Sam Seely09 September 2022

Build vs buy: a guide for notification systems

A complete guide for what to consider if you're evaluating whether to build your own notification system or use a third-party vendor.

Sam Seely
Sam Seely12 August 2022

An introduction to in-app notifications and why your product needs them

We take a deep look into different types of in-app notifications, why they're valuable for your product, and what you need to build them.

Chris Bell
Chris Bell16 June 2022

How to design great keyboard shortcuts

How to save time for your users by choosing memorable, conflict-free keyboard shortcuts.

Sam Seely
Sam Seely17 November 2021

How we work: moving fast to ship customer value

A peek behind the curtain at Knock. How we work to optimize for shipping customer value, quickly.

Chris Bell
Chris Bell25 October 2021

The product manager's guide to collaboration notifications

How to send delightful collaboration notifications and accelerate the engagement loops in your product.

Sam Seely
Sam Seely11 October 2021

The three notifications you need to drive basic authentication

The role that notifications play in signup and login flows.

Sam Seely
Sam Seely18 August 2021

The three notifications you need to drive product-led growth

The role that notifications play in growth loops and a few real examples you can use in your own product.

Sam Seely
Sam Seely29 July 2021

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