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Launch week recap

Here’s everything we shipped during our first ever launch week.

Sam Seely
Sam Seely23 May 2023

Announcing the Subscriptions API

Today we’re announcing our new Subscriptions API. With subscriptions you can store and notify lists of recipients, and map those lists back to resources in your application.

Chris Bell
Chris Bell19 May 2023

Announcing the Knock webhook channel

Announcing a new, flexible channel type to use in your notification workflows. Introducing the Knock webhook channel.

Sam Seely
Sam Seely18 May 2023

Announcing the Schedules API

A flexible, declarative way to build recurring notifications, without having to manage cron jobs in your own codebase.

Chris Bell
Chris Bell17 May 2023

Announcing the Knock CLI and management API

Today we’re thrilled to announce a new way for building, testing, and deploying your Knock notification infrastructure, all in code. Introducing the Knock CLI and management API.

Thomas Yu
Thomas Yu16 May 2023

Announcing the HTTP source in Knock

Announcing a universal connector for bringing data into Knock. Use any event streaming platform to orchestrate your cross-channel notifications.

Sam Seely
Sam Seely15 May 2023

Announcing Knock Translations

Translations let engineering and product teams manage notification localization at global scale without incurring high amounts of notification template debt along the way.

Meryl Dakin
Meryl Dakin05 April 2023

Announcing our Segment extension and native link analytics

Manage open and link analytics in Knock and send normalized notification data to your analytics stack using Segment.

Billy Ceskavich
Billy Ceskavich22 February 2023

Announcing our Datadog extension

Today we’re excited to announce that our Datadog extension is now generally available for all Knock customers.

Brent Anderson
Brent Anderson31 January 2023

Announcing our HIPAA compliance

We're excited to announce that Knock is now HIPAA compliant. Learn more about how Knock enables providers in the healthcare space to power customer engagement with our platform.

Sam Seely
Sam Seely17 January 2023

Knock 2022: A year in review

Here's what happened at Knock this year, from new production customers to what we shipped to support them. Plus, a peek at what's coming in 2023.

Sam Seely
Sam Seely21 December 2022

Announcing Knock Sources

Power your product notifications with data from your customer data platforms (CDPs), such as Segment or RudderStack, or reverse ETL platforms, such as Hightouch, Census, or Polytomic.

Chris Bell
Chris Bell13 October 2022

Announcing our GDPR certification

We're excited to announce that Knock is now GDPR certified. You can learn more in our updated privacy policy.

Sam Seely
Sam Seely11 October 2022

Software Engineering Daily: Notifications Infrastructure with Chris Bell

Our CTO, Chris Bell, was recently interviewed on the popular Software Engineering Daily podcast where he discussed all things Knock.

Chris Bell
Chris Bell25 May 2022

Announcing Knock

Today we're thrilled to announce the public launch of Knock's product notifications infrastructure for developers.

Sam Seely
Sam Seely17 March 2022

Announcing our SOC 2 Type 2 certification

We're thrilled to announce that we have achieved a SOC 2 Type 2 certification after recently completing our audit period.

Chris Bell
Chris Bell01 February 2022

Why notifications matter

On why we started Knock.

Sam Seely
Sam Seely27 May 2021

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