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Free notifications per month

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  • Unlimited team members
  • Unlimited notification workflows
  • Preferences support
  • Batch and delay functions
$5 per additional 1,000 notifications

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  • Volume discounts
  • Priority support
  • 99.99% uptime SLA

Frequently asked questions

What counts as a notification sent for usage billing purposes?

A notification sent is a single notification delivered to a single user on a single channel.

As an example, if you trigger a notification workflow that results in a user receiving an in-app message and an email, that counts as two notifications sent. If the same trigger resulted in zero notifications being sent (say because of a given user's notification preferences,) you wouldn't be charged.

We only charge for notifications sent, not notification workflows triggered within Knock.

What happens if I go over the free plan limit and don't have a billing method in place?

We don't hard cap your notifications. Our priority is making sure the service continues to work as you'd expect. If you go over your limit, we'll get in touch with you about making sure you have a billing method in place next month. 👍

Do you offer volume discounts?

We do! But only on our enterprise plan. You can get in touch with us if you're interested.

How will I be charged and billed for my use of Knock?

There are no setup fees to begin using Knock. At the end of the month, your credit card will automatically be charged for that month’s usage.

When does billing of my Knock usage begin and end?

Your Knock billing cycle begins on the first day of each month and ends on the last day of each month. Your monthly charges are totaled at the end of each month.

If I use Knock, do I still pay for downstream messaging services such as Postmark and Twilio?

Yes. We do not currently manage billing for the downstream platform providers that deliver your notifications.


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