How Knocks workflow engine works

Today we’re thrilled to announce Knock Mobile: the complete toolkit to power notifications for mobile applications. Knock Mobile brings the power of our cross-channel workflow engine to any mobile app with:

  • SDKs for all major client languages that include powerful abstractions that remove the tedious parts of developing mobile notifications.
  • In-app feed components that can be used with their default style, can be customized to your brand, or used in a headless manner to develop any custom feed you need.
  • Full lifecycle device token management, from registering a new device token to deregistering device tokens that have expired.
  • Complete preference control across client application notifications and out-of-app notification experiences like email and SMS.

It’s never been easier to implement and orchestrate cross-channel notifications in your mobile app.

Design, deliver, and track your app’s notifications

How Knocks workflow engine works

Knock’s workflow builder simplifies the process of designing transactional notification flows. Our intuitive template editor empowers non-technical team members to craft personalized notifications. Once triggered from a backend system or by events from a CDP like Segment, Knock's workflow engine delivers your notifications to any push, in-app, email, or SMS channel.

Your notifications are delivered by Knock’s robust and reliable delivery infrastructure. Simply bring your existing APNS and FCM credentials, email, or SMS provider and let Knock handle the rest.

Once your notifications are sent, you can track taps and open rates via Knock to get a single view of the efficacy of your notifications. You can easily route data to downstream services like Segment or Heap, or export it to your data warehouse to be analyzed alongside the rest of your product metrics.

Engage users with push notifications

Knock Mobile Push notification functions

Implementing push notifications with Knock is simple.

Using our SDKs, your device tokens are automatically registered against your users, or you can use our lower-level primitives to manage the token registration process yourself. If you still need access to token metadata, you can use getDeviceToken() to get all metadata about the current device and token.

Once tokens are registered with Knock, simply trigger a workflow in Knock with your user's unique identifier to send a push notification via APNs or FCM.

To complete the full lifecycle management, Knock will automatically revoke a device token when it expires, and can be configured to emit a webhook event on exipiry if you need to keep your system in sync.

Effortlessly build in-app notification feeds into your app

Mobile in-app feed

Real-time in-app feeds give users a real-time stream of updates about new content, offers, actions, and changes in your application that are relevant to them. They are a great way to increase user engagement or drive specific actions by showing a notification when a user is most likely to engage with your app.

Knock can power in-app notification feeds with little effort. Our SDKs come with all of the building blocks for you to integrate a real-time notification feed into your app, complete with badge counts, APIs to manage the notification lifecycle (read, seen, archived), and much more. Knock’s infrastructure takes care of the heavy lifting on the backend (no need to build a socket service), and our mobile SDKs seamlessly integrate to make powering in-app notifications a breeze.

Using our pre-built UI components, you can instantly integrate a real-time notification feed into your mobile application without any UI work. Everything is customizable, so you can match the look and feel of the rest of your application, or you can build on top of our real-time, stateful view models and bring your own UI.

Give your users fine-grained notification controls

Mobile app preferences

When you’re shipping a mobile app, it’s tempting to lean on built-in OS notification controls to do the heavy lifting. Doing so puts you at risk of having users opt out of your notifications entirely.

By shipping your own in-app preference center you keep lines of user communication open, while respecting how a user wants to be engaged and letting them opt-out at a more granular level.

With Knock, you can build a completely custom preference center that works for your application's needs.

Our SDKs and APIs provide a full set of methods for working with user preferences, making it easy to build notification settings within your application, powered by Knock. You can use Knock’s get preferences and set preferences APIs directly from the app, making the integration even easier.

Setup in 5 minutes

See how to setup push notifications and an in-app feed in under 5 minutes.

Get started today

Knock Mobile is available today to all Knock customers on any plan. You can start integrating with your mobile app by reading our documentation, where you’ll find information about setting up push notifications and using the SDKs to build in-app notification feeds. Get started with a free Knock account, which gives you 10,000 notifications sent for free per month.