Launch week recap

Last week we shipped five major new features to Knock.

Here’s a quick recap on what we shipped last week:

Day 1: HTTP Source

We started the week by shipping our HTTP source. It lets you trigger your multi-channel notifications from any source that can stream events into Knock. This includes dedicated streaming infrastructure, such as Kafka and Kinesis, as well as any product that can stream events and webhooks (think Supabase functions and Radar location-based events.)

This means you can power Knock with even more parts of your infrastructure to send notifications that are relevant for your customers.

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Day 2: CLI and management API

Next, we shipped one of our biggest launches ever at Knock, the Knock CLI and management API. This release is a big step forward for both Knock’s developer experience, and for what you can build on top of our platform.

Now developers can work with Knock resources in code, and automate pushing that code back into Knock to run on our platform. Read our docs to learn how you can scale notifications on Knock while managing our system from your CI/CD environment.

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Day 3: Schedules API

On Wednesday we shipped our Schedules API, a declarative, code-first way to build recurring notification schedules and to give your users the ability to control when they receive those notifications. We also introduce timezone aware sending with this release, making it even easier to send the right notification at the right time with Knock.

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Day 4: Webhook channel

On Thursday we released an entire new channel type for Knock: webhook channels. Webhook channels bring a new level of flexibility and extensibility to Knock’s output layer. You can use webhook channels to notify internal service within your application, or 3rd-party apps such as PagerDuty or Zapier.

The best part of webhook channels is they tie into Knock’s preferences model, so you can surface them to your customers.

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Day 5: Subscriptions API

We ended the week with our subscriptions API. With subscriptions, you can model lists of users, then notify all users in that list with a single API call.

Subscriptions are a powerful way for you to offload to Knock the responsibility of who should be notified. You can use subscriptions to power alerting use cases and publish/subscribe models, or to model the concept of a set of dynamic followers of a resource.

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What’s next

If you look across what we shipped last week, you’ll see our product principles emerge. A developer-first focus, with API primitives that can be composed into any notifications use case you need to support for your customers.

We’re excited to continue forward from here and to continue shipping product to our customers.