Built-in observability for every notification sent

Get better visibility into your notification system than if you built it in-house. Debug issues with ease and understand notification performance.


A single place to see all of your notifications

See a unified view into the notifications being sent across all channels. Drill down using filters to find the message you need. See a live preview of the message that was sent.

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Detailed insights into your notifications

Our analytics dashboard gives your product team the insights they need into the notifications being sent to your customers. Easily see sending volume, engagement data like opens and clicks, and much more..

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End-to-end visibility

Find and fix issues faster with our debugger

Knock makes debugging your notifications effortless. Start with an API request into Knock, drill down into a workflow run for an individual recipient, see the notifications sent and the requests made to a provider.

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How Knock works

Get up-and-running with Knock in under an hour.


Create your notification workflows

Use our powerful workflow builder to create cross-channel notification workflows with advanced features such as batching, wait to send, and if-then behavior.

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Connect your providers

Integrate with out-of-app channels such as email, push, SMS, and Slack, and power in-app channels via our in-app notifications API and pre-built components.

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Trigger your notifications

Use our SDKs to trigger your notification workflows from your backend code. Our advanced workflow engine routes your message to the right channel with the correct user preferences applied.

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