We want to fix notifications, for you and your customers

Our purpose is to help software communicate with its users. That starts with giving product and engineering teams the tools they need to send thoughtful notifications to their customers.

We’ve built and scaled these systems before and we know it isn’t easy. There’s infrastructure to maintain, complex rules to orchestrate, and preferences to manage. We built Knock because it’s the set of abstractions we wish we had in our past roles building industry-leading collaboration products.

We’re on a mission to put an end to redundant, spammy product notifications.

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Our culture

Our culture is still in its early days. Come join us and let’s build it together.

We focus on the customer

We practice intellectual honesty and ego-free communication to push ourselves towards the idea that's best for our customer. We organize ourselves to work autonomously towards metrics that map to customer value—we know that when our customers win, we win.

We love to get things done

We focus on what we can do to deliver real, tangible value to customers. When faced with a task, we always ask ourselves how we can move it forward today.

We communicate with intention

We believe in great writing as a way to clarify our own thinking, communicate our ideas with others, and keep a record of how we think about our product, our customers, and our company.

We are a remote-first team

We love the flexibility and quality-of-life that comes from working remotely. That said, we also love the camaraderie that comes from seeing each other in-person, and we plan on getting the team together IRL a few times a year to sing karaoke.

We operate on the maker's schedule

We know that great things are accomplished with long blocks of uninterrupted time. We structure our days and weeks to optimize for building things. No meetings before 1pm. No meetings on Wednesdays or Thursdays.

We know the team is the legacy

We want our employees to learn as much as they can at Knock, work with people they admire, and do their best work. When they leave, we want them to go on to do even better things with a Knock network they can lean on for years to come.

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We’re a team that’s built products together for years. We don’t have all the answers, but we do know that we want to build the company we’ve always wanted to work for.

For us, that means hiring smart, kind, product-minded people and giving them the agency to create incredible products. We believe that small, product-focused teams can accomplish great things.


We're hiring

Join us and help us redefine how software communicates with its users.

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