Knock CLI

Bring Knock to your developer workflow

Build, test, and maintain your Knock notifications, all from your local and remote development workflow.

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How it works

The Knock CLI is a wrapper on top of the Knock management API, an interface for working with Knock resources—workflow logic, templates, translations—all in code.

knock workflow list
knock workflow get
knock workflow pull
knock workflow push
knock commit
knock commit promote
knock translation pull
knock translation push

Run notification workflow tests, promote between environments, and easily interact with your Knock instance, right from your command line.

Notifications as code

Write notification logic and templates in code

Use our workflows-as-code definitions to create new cross-channel notification workflows, effortlessly. Write notifications locally, push to Knock to scale them on our infrastructure.

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Knock CLI

Work with Knock from your terminal

Pull down your notification workflows and templates to edit them in your favorite editor. Push them back to Knock in a single command.

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CI/CD support

Integrate Knock into your CI/CD pipeline

Use the CLI to integrate Knock into your existing CI/CD development workflow. Push notifications to production when you deploy your code and validate changes before you deploy.

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Translations API

Automate localization with our Translations API

Use the Knock CLI and API with our translations model to map your localization framework into Knock. Spend less time managing notification localization and free up time for your core product.

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Build and ship delightful notifications in minutes

Batching, cross-channel delivery, and preference management - all on one platform. Send 10k notifications per month for free.

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