Put your users in control, we'll take care of the rest

Use our flexible preferences API to give your users control of where and when they receive notifications from your product.

Flexible preferences

Ready for any preference experience

No matter what preferences you want to present to your users, our API is ready. Support groups of notifications with categories, get granular with workflow and channel types, or build advanced experiences with conditions.

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Preferences API

A single API to manage your preferences

Use our preferences API as a single source-of-truth for your user’s notification preferences.

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Intelligent routing

Preferences managed for you

Knock automatically applies preferences during notification runtime, so you can remove a liability from your notifications code.

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Understand when your users opt out

Knock comes with a powerful set of debugging tools, so you can easily understand when a user has opted-out of a given notification.

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How Knock works

Get up-and-running with Knock in under an hour.


Create your notification workflows

Use our powerful workflow builder to create cross-channel notification workflows with advanced features such as batching, wait to send, and if-then behavior.

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Connect your providers

Integrate with out-of-app channels such as email, push, SMS, and Slack, and power in-app channels via our in-app notifications API and pre-built components.

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Trigger your notifications

Use our SDKs to trigger your notification workflows from your backend code. Our advanced workflow engine routes your message to the right channel with the correct user preferences applied.

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