Template management

A single place to manage your notification templates

Knock manages your notification templates, moving them out of your backend codebase and empowering your team to safely make changes with our robust version control and management features.

Team ready

Effortlessly create on-brand notifications

Our visual and code-based template editors make it easy for your whole team to create beautiful, consistent cross-channel notifications with your brand at the center.

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Version control

Make changes without breaking your live notifications

Knock comes with a complete git-like version control system, so your team can confidently make changes without impacting your production notifications. Roll back changes with a click.

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Live previews

Preview messaging before you click publish

See a live preview of how your notification template renders, right in the browser.

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Built-in testing

Test your notifications in a click

Send real or sandboxed notifications via the test runner, without the need to trigger a notification flow in your product. See the full message sent with our message logs.

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Powerful, flexible templating

Ready for any template, no matter how complex

Knock’s template editor supports full liquid syntax so you can create even the most complex of notifications. Use our out-of-the-box layouts to get up-and-running quickly and customize your templates when you need to.

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How Knock works

Get up-and-running with Knock in under an hour.


Create your notification workflows

Use our powerful workflow builder to create cross-channel notification workflows with advanced features such as batching, wait to send, and if-then behavior.

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Connect your providers

Integrate with out-of-app channels such as email, push, SMS, and Slack, and power in-app channels via our in-app notifications API and pre-built components.

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Trigger your notifications

Use our SDKs to trigger your notification workflows from your backend code. Our advanced workflow engine routes your message to the right channel with the correct user preferences applied.

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