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Use our in-app notifications APIs and pre-built components to create delightful notification experiences inside of your product. Ship in-app inboxes, feeds, and toasts without writing custom code.

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John requested access to DNA Extraction Protocol
Today at 9:42am
Donald left 6 comments on Jurassic Park visitors NDA
Yesterday at 4:21 PM
Henry replied to John
I've identified a potential instability in the T-Rex DNA sequence. Need your input.
Last Thursday at 10:36 AM
Dennis attached a file to Park Security Systems
Last Thursday at 10:36 AM
Ray commented on Park Security Systems
“This is looking great, but I have some concerns that might be best discussed over a call.”
Last Monday at 10:46 AM
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A complete in-app notifications API

Use our in-app notifications API to power your in-product notifications experience across devices. Just bring the UI, or use our pre-built React notification components.

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Pre-built components, ready for your product

Use our pre-built components to have in-app notifications setup in your product in under an hour. Completely customizable to match your brand. No backend to build or real-time infrastructure to setup.

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Real-time ready. No infrastructure required.

Your in-app notifications work in real-time with a socket connection setup and managed for you. No extra infrastructure to setup or manage.

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How Knock works

Get up-and-running with Knock in under an hour.

Create your notification workflows

Create your notification workflows

Use our powerful workflow builder to create cross-channel notification workflows with advanced features such as batching, wait to send, and if-then behavior.

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Connect your providers

Connect your providers

Integrate with out-of-app channels such as email, push, SMS, and Slack, and power in-app channels via our in-app notifications API and pre-built components.

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Trigger your notifications

Trigger your notifications

Use our SDKs to trigger your notification workflows from your backend code. Our advanced workflow engine routes your message to the right channel with the correct user preferences applied.

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