Knock v Braze

The developer-first platform for product notifications

Knock gives you everything you need to send notifications users love: composable in-app notifications, flexible preferences, and observability and logging. All in one developer-first platform.

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Built for developers

A developer-first notification system

With isolated environments, git-like version control, and a CLI with CI/CD support, Knock is a notification system built for developers shipping production notifications.

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Composable in-app infrastructure

In-app notifications the way you want them

Power priority inboxes, multiple feeds, and toast notifications—all from a single platform—with open-source React components and built-in real-time websocket support.

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Flexible preference model

The only messaging platform that helps you send fewer notifications

Use our flexible preferences model and batch function to reduce the notifications you send to users, while still ensuring they’re notified about important activity in your product.

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Notification localization

Scale and automate notification translations

Use Knock translations to cut down on template management overhead. Programmatically update translations using the Knock API.

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Braze and Knock comparison

Visual and code-based template editor
Advanced workflow functions: send HTTP request and fetch data
Advanced workflow functions: batch notifications
Support for in-app feeds/inboxes and chat apps (Slack, Teams)
Flexible, cross-channel preferences model
Isolated environments with git-like version control
CLI support: create and manage notification workflows and templates from your IDE
Built-in tenancy support for feeds, branding, and preferences

Top 3 reasons leaders pick Knock over Braze

A developer-first platform

A developer-first platform

With isolated environments, a git-like version control workflow, and a CLI with CI/CD support, Knock meets your developers where they work.

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Multi-channel support and preferences

Multi-channel support and preferences

Power your product messaging channels with Knock, including persistent in-app feeds and Slack notifications, and let Knock manage user preferences on your behalf.

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Best-in-class observability and debugging

Best-in-class observability and debugging

Knock provides end-to-end debugging and a Datadog extension, so you can monitor your production notifications alongside the rest of your stack.

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