Send better SMS messages

Deliver SMS notifications with Knock. Build cross-channel notification experiences, easily debug messages sent, send fewer notifications with batching, throttling and more.

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Knock SMS Channel
Knock SMS Channel

Send fewer messages with batch and throttle

Knock comes with batching and throttling out-of-the-box, so you can aggregate multiple notifications into a single SMS message.

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Make complex, cross-channel notifications simple

Use Knock’s workflow builder to create sophisticated cross-channel notification experiences without adding complexity. Ship another channel in hours, not weeks.

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Unmatched observability and insights

Knock comes with tools to help you debug any issues with your sms notifications. Easily answer questions from engineering and support. Aggregate engagement data into a single place for your product team.

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Add SMS as a notification channel with our pre-built integrations.

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Africa's Talking

Africa's Talking is a Pan African communications and payments solutions provider. With simplified access to telco infrastructure, developers use our powerful SMS, USSD, Voice, Airtime and Payments APIs to bring their ideas to life.

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MailerSend’s transactional SMS API enables you to enhance the customer experience by sending high-volume, toll-free SMS using a unique and recognizable phone number.

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