Knock in-app

Knock comes with a powerful in-app notifications API and pre-built components so you can deliver real-time notification experiences like feeds, toasts, and inboxes inside of your product effortlessly.

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Pre-built components, ready for your product

Use our pre-built components to have in-app notifications setup in your product in under an hour. Completely customizable to match your brand. No backend to build or real-time infrastructure to setup.

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Send fewer notifications with batching

Knock comes with a batching out-of-the-box, so you can aggregate multiple notifications into a single in-app message, without any custom coding.

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Build cross-channel notification journeys

Use Knock’s workflow builder to create sophisticated cross-channel notification experiences that can send to both in-app and out-of-app channels.

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Unmatched observability and insights

Knock comes with tools to help you debug any issues with your in-app notifications. Easily answer questions from engineering and support. Aggregate engagement data into a single place for your product team.

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