We knew there was a problem. We weren't serving enough notifications, and a lot of our notifications were scheduled localized push notifications and some custom push notifications with very few emails. When we got to the point where we needed to solve this problem, we had the typical discussion, do we build it ourselves or do we buy it?

My point of view from a product management perspective is that I was most interested in getting the impact as fast as possible. The tech piece in between, it's necessary but it wasn't really the driver. The driver was let's get this impact as soon as we can and so we went through that typical process of build versus buy and looked at what was out there.

Knock was the stand out by far for developer experience. The value prop was very clear, Knock was solving exactly the problem we needed it to. The pricing structure was really good and it fit for our use case.

It was just really easy to get up and running. And I think honestly, the proof is in the pudding when you've got someone putting it together in a couple of hours and it’s going to solve the problem.