Thanks to Knock’s core functionality, our teams are able to easily build complex notification flows (batching, delays, multi-channel notifications, etc). The Knock dashboard is a powerful tool for visualizing notification templates and debugging.

We chose to partner with Knock because we were impressed by their out-of-the-box solutions (including the in-app feed and workflow management) and their developer docs.

It was easy for us to use their React libraries and hooks to build a new and improved in-app feed and preferences page. In addition, we were able to build an automated process for managing all of our Knock workflows and notification templates, a huge win for our developer experience.

We loved that Knock went above and beyond to support us. Throughout the implementation, Knock was incredibly responsive whenever questions came up. They helped us migrate all of our existing email templates across four different templating languages into Liquid templates. They also regularly released beta features to us that were delivered on time and came with detailed developer documentation.

We now have a notification system that is easy to use and that our teams love to work with!