Automated push token deregistration

Today we're launching an enhancement to our push notification and device token management functionality. We will now auto revoke tokens that are expired from your user's channel data. Previously, you would need to listen to a message.bounced webhook and execute the token cleanup yourself when your push notifications failed to send.

Now, you can simply enable the option under your push channel settings to "Enable push token deregistration" and we'll automatically remove the expired token from your user's channel data when a push notification fails to send. This will help you keep your user's data clean and up to date without needing to write any additional code.

This feature is available today for all customers. To get started, check out the documentation for push notifications.

Fixes and improvements

  • 👀 We added a new error page to better report any dashboard issues to our engineering team
  • 👀 We made some light improvements to various empty states around the dashboard
  • 👀 We added a missing filter for workflows to filter for all workflows that have a webhook step
  • 👀 We now fall back to a recipient ID in the messages table when no email or name is provided on the recipient
  • 🐛 We fixed an issue with single ticks in a Slack markdown template would cause a template rendering error