Actionable in-app notifications

Today we’re launching an enhancement to our in-app notifications to support more actionable types of messages, without needing to drop down into code. Previously, to add inline actions to your in-app notifications you needed to customize a feed cell component. With our new in-app actions you can now toggle between a standard, single-action, or multi-action notification template directly in our template editor.

By default, in-app actions will direct you to the action URL you set on the button on click, but you can also override this behavior by providing a new onNotificationButtonClick callback to handle the action in your app.

As part of this update, we also refreshed the in-app editor UI with a new look and feel to make it easier and faster to create and preview your in-app notifications.

You'll need to upgrade to the latest version of our SDKs across web and mobile to take advantage of the new actionable in-app templates. To get started, check out the documentation for in-app notifications.

Fixes and improvements

  • πŸ‘€ We now show your account ID under the Settings page in the dashboard.
  • πŸ› We fixed an issue with our conditions logic where contains and not_contains would not operate correctly when the argument was a list.
  • πŸ› We fixed an issue with our chat and HTTP templates that meant we would double JSON encode values sent from trigger data leading to incorrect results in a rendered template.
  • πŸ› We fixed a performance issue with our new code editor where large templates would feel laggy to edit.