Heap extension for analyzing customer engagement

Today we’re adding support for sending message delivery and engagement data to Heapβ€”a digital insights platform to analyze customer engagement.

This release adds Heap alongside our existing Segment integration as a way to get data out of Knock for analyzing notification usage and engagement.

Note, to correctly analyze custom events in Heap, follow these steps to build new events.

Learn more about our Heap extension in our docs.

Fixes and improvements

  • πŸ‘€ We improved the way that event payload data shows in the variable pane.
  • πŸ‘€ We added a new onAuthenticationComplete handler to our SlackAuthButton component in the React SDK.
  • πŸ› We fixed an issue with filtering workflows in the workflow run logs view.
  • πŸ› We fixed an issue where calling the set tenant API with an invalid payload would return a 500.
  • πŸ› We fixed an issue where the workflow template gallery in the dashboard would load in an incorrect initial state.
  • πŸ› We fixed an issue where you could pass [null] as valid tokens when setting channel data for push channels.