New Relic observability extension

Today we’re extending support for reporting notification metrics to New Relic. Previously, we only supported Datadog as an observability platform, but with today’s release, we’re introducing support for reporting metrics to New Relic as well.

You can read more in the documentation about the types of metrics reported. Our New Relic extension is available to customers on our Enterprise plan only.

New outbound webhook event types

Today we're announcing support for new types of events in outbound webhooks, making it even easier to deeply integrate Knock into your application's workflow. With today's release, you can now listen to changes for any version-controlled content within your Knock dashboard, including workflows, email layouts, and translations.

You can find the full set of supported webhook events in the documentation and can create a webhook by going to the "Developers > Webhooks" section in the Knock dashboard.

Fixes and improvements

  • 👀 We greatly improved the bundle size in our @knocklabs/react package by removing the dependency on the date-fns library.