New React SDK

Today, we’re shipping our new React SDK (@knocklabs/react), which provides a unified set of hooks and components for integrating Knock into your web applications. You can use our React package to power in-app notification experiences like feeds, toasts, and banners for your users, as well as powering notification configuration via our preferences API.

Our new SDK is the home of all in-product notification experiences powered by Knock, superseding the previous react-notification-feed package. If you’re using the old package, you can read here on how to migrate.

We have big plans for more in-product experiences that we’ll be bundling into this package in the near future. Today’s release is a first step towards that future, giving the base primitives to easily bring all of the functionality of Knock into your applications in an easy-to-consume way.

You can install the React SDK from NPM by running npm install @knocklabs/react and can find the package in our brand new Javascript monorepo.

Fixes and improvements

  • 👀 We improved the loading time of message views within the Dashboard
  • 👀 We now validate certificates when configuring an APNS channel
  • 👀 We now validate the service account JSON when configuring a FCM channel