Protect customer data with dashboard obfuscation controls

Today we're announcing that all Knock customers can use the customer data controls we first announced as part of Knock HIPAA compliance. With this release, you can obfuscate customer data within the Knock dashboard while still giving your team the ability to debug your notification system as needed. These controls can be enabled on a per-environment basis, enabling you to secure customer data in production while continuing to work the way you want in your internal-only development environments.

One of our foundational product principles at Knock is developer visibility. We want you to be able to observe the Knock notification system and debug potential issues, just as you would with an in-house notification system. But with great visibility comes great responsibility. With this release, you can continue to debug your notification system with the confidence that your customers' production data is protected, even from your internal team.

You can enable customer data obfuscation by going to "Settings > Environments", and then clicking "Edit environment".

Fixes and improvements

  • 👀 We added a new filters section to workflow logs to filter by request ID and status of the requests
  • 👀 We improved our conditions handling for comparing null values with > and < operators so a comparison always returns false
  • 🐛 We patched an issue where API logs with large lists would never appear in the API log debugger
  • 🐛 We added a fix for batching where a workflow run with a batch could display as having an error, even after it has succeeded
  • 🐛 We fixed an issue where default preference sets could incorrectly return the wrong preferences when a tenant was specified but there was no corresponding user-tenant preference set.