Today we’re launching beta support for native link and open tracking within our email, SMS, chat, and in-app channels giving you unprecedented visibility into the cross-channel notifications you’re sending. Previously we had relied on downstream message senders to handle link and open tracking, but bringing this natively into Knock means that you’ll be able to see analytics relating to all types of messages in a single place.

For more details, visit the link and open tracking docs.

Want to sign up for the beta? Let us know.

Monitor your Knock notifications with our Datadog extension (beta)

We are proud to introduce the Knock Datadog extension! In just a few clicks, you can publish a stream of metrics straight from Knock to your Datadog account. These metrics can then power Datadog dashboards, alerts, and troubleshooting. Now it is easier than ever for teams to detect and respond to issues with misconfigured channels, expired credentials, changes in authorization, or downstream issues with Knock itself.

Although Knock engineers monitor and respond to our own suite of alarms, reports, and metrics around the clock already, the new Datadog extension offers additional peace of mind to teams with high operational or compliance requirements.

For more details, visit the Datadog extension docs.

Want to sign up for the beta? Let us know.

Fixes and improvements

  • 👀 We made template previews more closely mirror what is actually delivered across SMS, chat, and in-app channels
  • 🐛 We sped up queries for API and workflow logs
  • 🐛 We fixed an issue where overrides could cause FCM notifications to error