Send WhatsApp notifications with Knock

You can now send notifications from Knock to your users on WhatsApp, the popular chat app from Meta. Our integration makes it easy to include WhatsApp in your notifications strategy, opening up another channel for you to reach your users where they are.

Read more in our docs

Vercel integration

We've shipped a new Vercel integration to make it easy for you to set up Knock for your Vercel projects. The integration will link your Knock API keys to your selected Vercel projects and keep them in sync for you.

You can find us in the Vercel integrations marketplace in the "messaging" category and read more in our documentation.

Fixes and improvements

  • 👀 [SDKs] We added new event types to our @knocklabs/client library in 0.8.13
  • 👀 [SDKs] We added experimental support for cross-browser context feed synchronization in our @knocklabs/client library in 0.8.13 via the new __experimentalCrossBrowserUpdates option
  • 👀 We redesigned our trigger conditions editor to be an inline form instead of a modal
  • 👀 We added a link to the workflow invoked from a source event action
  • 🐛 We fixed an issue where pagination for tenant messages was not working correctly