Workflow condition UX improvements

At Knock, we continually strive to improve the experience our users have building their notification workflows. As of this release, it's much easier to understand at a glance which workflow steps contain conditions and how those conditions will execute based on the variable state of a given workflow run. To see a step's conditions, just hover over its card chin to see a hover over preview of all condition groups present on the step. ✨

Push channel JSON overrides

We now support the ability to add JSON overrides to the notification payloads Knock sends to downstream push channels on your behalf. This means you can now support badge counts, extra data properties, sound files, and other provider-specific settings in your push notifications. You can learn more in our push channel documentation.

Fixes and improvements

  • 👀 Show canceled request id in debugger
  • 👀 Show delay until values in debugger for steps that support it
  • 👀 Support liquid variables in email templates footer links
  • 👀 Add tenant brand icons on dashboard
  • 👀 Display custom step names on workflow cards
  • 🐛 Fix SSO login using Okta tiles