Enable your customers to set account-wide default preferences

Today we're releasing per-tenant default preferences. When your product starts moving into larger organizations, you can often find admins asking for the ability to set a notification preference for all users in their account (or to set a default preference for those users at a minimum.)

Now you can support these types of per-tenant preference use cases with Knock. Our tenant preference model brings the same flexibility as our per-user preferences and lets you put them into the hands of your customers' admins.

Learn more about per-tenant preferences

Set pre-content variables in your email layout

Now you can set variables in your email template that will be rendered in your email layout ahead of your content block. This is great for when you want to set dynamic email preview text or dynamic header content within the layout of your email.

Learn more about pre-content variables

Fixes and improvements

  • 🐛 We fixed a bug in our test runner where our typeahead select fields were acting finicky.