Power your Microsoft Teams notifications with Knock

Following our recent Slack support release, we are delighted to announce we now support Microsoft Teams as a new provider for our chat channel type 🎉.

Learning how to integrate with a new 3rd-party chat app provider can be a pain. You have to read through a lot of documentation just to understand how their integration model works, and you have to learn their message formatting syntax. With our Teams integration, we're abstracting away the schlep so you can focus on what matters: delivering great messaging.

You can add a Teams step to any of your workflows, just like any other channel. Once you do, we let you use basic markdown to edit your notification templates—we handle the translation into Microsoft's Adaptive Card syntax. If you want to build more advanced Teams messages, we give you a JSON editor so you can write Adaptive Cards yourself.

Like all channels in Knock when you use Teams you get full observability into the responses we receive from the Teams API, and you can store Teams channel data on user or non-user recipients.

Learn more about our Microsoft Teams integration →

Workflows: read-only mode

Knock was built with isolated environments from day one to ensure our customers didn't accidentally make changes to notifications in production. As of today, you can navigate into your production workflows in a safe, read-only mode so you can see which version is live in your production environment (and send test notifications as you need to.)

Fixes and improvements

  • 🌱 We added support for users to change their user names within the Knock dashboard
  • 👀 We updated the template editor theme to make it easier to parse liquid keywords, variables, and control flow operators