SMS support

We now support sending text messages from Knock. If you're using an existing SMS platform provider (such as Twilio,) you can quickly configure your provider as an SMS channel within Knock and add it to any of your existing notification workflows.

As with all of our channel types, SMS can be used with the Knock preferences model to manage a given user's preferences for receiving SMS messages alongside their preferences for other channels such as email and in-app feeds.

We had a number of requests from our early customers to support SMS, and we're excited to add this new channel type to Knock to help our customers orchestrate their cross-channel notifications.

Fixes and improvements

  • 🌱 We updated our channel model in Knock to make it easier to change which provider you're using for a given step in a notification workflow. This helps with multi-provider management and will have a number of benefits as we support push and chat app notifications later this summer. Stay tuned
  • 👀 We updated our in-app feed react component to use plain CSS instead of CSS-in-JS. Two nice wins here: the package is smaller and you can extend/override the default CSS used in the component
  • 👀 We updated the default behavior of the in-app feed component to wrap text without breaking words
  • 👀 We improved our topbar height consistency throughout the dashboard to minimize content layout shift as you navigate between the workflow builder and the notification designer
  • 👀 We improved our toast component to make it dismissible in cases where it might block functionality