Preferences support

Preferences are a critical part of any notifications system. They let your users tell you when they want to hear from you, and when they don't. A good preferences system gives its users a way to unsubscribe from entire channels (such as email or push) and from individual notifications themselves.

We now support preferences on the Knock API. You can set preferences for your users at the channel, workflow, and channel-workflow level. This gives you the flexibility to offer your customers the preferences they want, in the format you want. You can keep your preferences high-level and just give your users a way to opt-out of channels, or get detailed and let them opt-out of specific notifications, or both.

The best part: once a user sets their preferences, we handle the rest. You won't have to write a single line of code to figure out whether a user needs to receive a given notification based on their preferences.

You can learn more about how Knock preferences work in our API documentation.

Fixes and improvements

  • Added support for user deletion for when users leave your product
  • Fixed an issue in the template editor where namespaced variables wouldn't save
  • Fixed a layout issue on the dashboard that was causing wonky scrolling behavior
  • Renamed Notification to Workflow in the Knock model to disambiguate between Notifications and Messages
  • Published version 0.2.0 of all Knock SDKs which includes preferences support