Cancel a notification

Here's a standard use case: you schedule a notification to remind a user about a task they need to complete in a few days, then before you send it, they complete the task. You don't want to send a notification to the user about a task they've already completed. You want to cancel that notification before it sends. Introducing Knock notify cancellation.

Now when an event takes place in your product that means you no longer need to send a notification to a user (a task is completed, an invite is accepted,) you can cancel that notification before it gets sent.

Learn more about canceling workflows in our documentation.

Fixes and improvements

  • Added a new default email layout that looks 👨‍🍳😘
  • Cleaned up the channel configuration form to better separate required and optional fields
  • Fixed a bug where the subject line in the preview editor was getting cut off at a certain length
  • Fixed a bug where clicking in the canvas outside of a workflow step wouldn't de-select a step
  • Updated the visual styling of our headers
  • Fixed a bug where navigating to the preview tab would register as a change on the commit log