See the users you've sent to Knock

We added a users page to make it easier to see who you've sent to Knock. We've found this to be super helpful in development when you want to know what user properties you have available to use in a template design, and to see which users you can call via the API to test a given notification.

You can see the general properties of that user, along with the messages they've received from Knock.

To learn more about working with users via the Knock API, check out our documentation.

We open sourced our React notification feed package

Our @knocklabs/react-notification-feed package is now open sourced under an MIT license and available on Github 💃. These components give you an instant, out-of-the-box notification feed that can be dropped into your app and includes real-time updates, accurate badge counts, and marking as "seen" and "read".

If you're not using React, or you want to customize the UI you can use the lower-level client JS SDK, which is exactly what our React feed is built with!

We're huge believers in open sourcing as much as we possibly can at Knock, and welcome contributions back from the community in this or any of our other packages.

Fixes and improvements

  • Added an invite new members flow to make it easier for teams working in Knock to invite their teammates
  • Added API references to our API documentation
  • Fixed a workflow creation bug where typing "-" in label field wouldn't auto-complete "-" in key field
  • Fixed a bug where the timeline of events in a given message's log were out of order
  • Open-sourced our feed components
  • Fixed a bug where concurrent real-time feed updates would sometimes fail to populate both items in real-time