We're live

We just went live with the Knock private beta. This changelog entry marks the first in what will be a weekly update on the new features, fixes, and improvements we've shipped at Knock.

There's a lot available in the private beta. Here are a few highlights.

  • Send notifications to email and in-app channels
  • Use our in-app feed react component to have a fully featured, real-time feed working in minutes. Want to build your own? Check out our SDKs
  • Build advanced notification workflows with our batch and delay functions
  • Get full visibility into all of the messages sent by Knock and the delivery status of each
  • Manage your notifications using the same commit and environment promotion flow you use in-house

If you want to see the product in action you can check out this six-minute demo.

Want access to the Knock beta? Hit the "get notified" button at the top of this page to add your name to our wait list and to get notified when we have room available.

Fixes and improvements

  • Shipped Elixir, Python, and Node SDKs for working with Knock
  • Shipped a login flow
  • Fixed a bug where environments wouldn't support consistently on the channel configuration page
  • Fixed a bug where batches we're being capped at five items
  • Fixed a bug where liquid conditionals weren't working in our email channels
  • Fixed a bug where feed items weren't always populating in real-time
  • Fixed a bug where the unseen badge wouldn't consistently disappear on feed open
  • Fixed a bug where failed emails were hanging in "queued" status
  • Fixed a bug where new workflows would default to status ON instead of status OFF
  • Added 'key' field to workflow page so it's easier to grab for use with the Knock API
  • Added support for password resets
  • Added relative timestamps to items in the Knock feed
  • Updated template editor so all edits trigger ability to commit changes to current environment